Green Catering

Green Catering & Living Green

We have a passion for green living and green catering and follow sustainable business practices and can help you plan your next Green Event! Please contact us for more details.


Guidelines for clients who request a ‘Green Event’:

1. Use China instead of disposables or use recycled disposables or disposables that can be composted

2. Use ‘real’ linen/napkin instead of disposable linen

3. Go for Buffets – avoid box lunches

4. Avoid bottled water – use pitchers/Cambros instead

5. Avoid bottled/canned juice/soda – use Cambros/bigger bottles instead

6. Place a recycle bin at the event (we can assist the guests if we are present)


How is The Gourmet Kitchen Green?

We have incorporated most of the practices below in our personal life as well.

1.            We have CFLs installed in our office and try to use ‘natural’ light whenever possible

2.            We recycle extensively

3.            We print on both sides of a paper

4.            We keep thermostat high in Summers and low in winter in order to save energy

5.            We try not to use ‘post mail’ for our communication

6.            We carpool whenever possible

7.            We drive responsibly (no hard brakes, no fast acceleration)

8.            We try to consume local or organic food

9.            We support Community Supported Agriculture and are members of a CSA Farm in Lafayette

10.          We avoid eating out and prefer either home-prepared food or get food delivered or 1 person gets food for everyone else

11.          We conserve water – using less water to wash hands and hand-wash dishes, use shower instead of bath tub, make sure dishwasher is full before we wash the dishes in it

12.          We do not use bottled water or if we end up buying one, refill it as much as possible

13.          We avoid using disposables

14.          We unplug small appliances when not in use e.g. toaster, shredder, sharpener, printer

15.          We switch off computers at the end of day

16.          We maintain our vehicles well in order to get good mileage – tires properly inflated, oil changes every 3k miles

17.          We try not to waste prepared food. We ‘pack’ the leftovers for the client. If client doesn’t want it, we try to give the left over to the fire station or staff

18.          We avoid plastic bags for groceries. Instead we have reusable bags that we use

19.          We use bio-degradable cleaners and detergents

20.          We use recycled Paper Towel and Toilet Paper

21.          We are switching over to Energy-efficient equipment e.g. we use Dell Printer and monitors that have ‘energy save’ mode

22.          We use Recycled-content paper

23.          We are looking to donate or recycle old electronic products (printers, computers, monitors, cables, phones)

24.          We are looking for options to make our vehicles green. Options are: converting our vehicles to run on E85, use hybrid vans once they become available

25.          We are looking for Web hosting companies that can host our web site on ‘Green Energy’

26.          We recycle Printer Toner cartridge

27.          We are exploring use of Remanufactured products e.g. Toner cartridge

28.          We have been using wind energy for our office and are going to move over to Solar energy in a few months