Your Good Words Keep Us Going!

Your good words keep us going!

Here’s what some of our clients say about our team. And this is what makes us walk that extra mile for each one of our clients…

The kind of work we do enables us to get involved on a very personal and emotional level with our clients. We become part of the family. And for that one day, they place their complete faith in us to make their special day all that they desire. The least we can do is give them better than their expectations. The experience we deliver touches their heart and many of them write back to us expressing their joy. These testimonials make our day!


1 A heartfelt letter we received from one of our recent clients Christina that left us overwhelmed:

“Hello Madhoo!

I wanted to leave a testimonial to you and your staff for the fantastic job you guys did not only catering my wedding, but literally SAVING it from total destruction!!!

During the wedding ceremony that started at 6:00 PM last Saturday there just happened to be a torrential downpour like none has ever seen. All I could hear was the rain and winds battering the windows of the chu

rch and most likely tearing apart my outdoor reception site. It took everything I had inside of me to concentrate on the ceremony and just marry the man I love without crying. As far as I was concerned, at that moment, the reception was completely ruined. I had no idea what devastation I was going to find when I got there.

Well, what I found were my guests actually enjoying themselves under the tents with the tables dry and still set up. WOW! How did that happen? Your staff was walking people under umbrellas so they could get a drink, go into the house, and visit the other tents. I was truly amazed. Our wedding day was not destroyed after all.

I found out that you and your staff rallied up and gathered all of the linens that were soaking wet and put them in the dryer and then reset the tables before anyone even arrived!!! I was also told that your staff kept the water from pooling on top of the tents so the guests could relax and enjoy the evening. I have not even mentioned the fact that despite all of this, the food was excellent and served exactly on time.

I really have no idea how you were able to accomplish all of this but be assured that I am eternally grateful to you and the people you brought with you. They were all so very nice and everyone who was there thinks you are the best. My guests kept asking me who I hired to do the catering and they smiled when I told them, “The Gourmet Kitchen”. I know that you and I spoke many times that evening and I admit that I was in a bit of a daze because of all of the emotions I was going through. I did not really snap back until today. And I apologize if I could not express my gratitude that night, but I hope that you will accept it now. It was truly amazing what you did for me. It went above and beyond all of my expectations for any catering company to put so much effort and caring into an event. I will probably never know all of the other things that you guys did to save my day, but I appreciate all of them big and small just as well.

Thank you again Madhoo.”

–       Christina


2 Yet another feedback from Michele & Tim Stull that made my day! The wedding ceremony was held at Boettcher Mansion we catered to over 100 guests. Here’s what the lovely couple had to say:

Food items you enjoyed most: “We enjoyed the appetizers and the sangria.”

Anything that did you not like: “Everything was very tasty, no complaints on anything.”

How would you rate TGK on food quality, service, value: “We thought the food was exceptional, and the presentation was great. We had lots of complements on the food and service.”

Any additional comments or suggestions: “Roger (our event manager) did a wonderful job making sure everything went smoothly. We really appreciated his hard work!”


3 Thanks Nikita, for the kind words….

“The Gourmet Kitchen Catering Team – Madhoo & Roger ARE AMAZING!!!!! My husband and I just got married in Allenspark, CO and the Madhoo and her team did an EXCEPTIONAL job from start to finish. The food was fantastic and everyone is still going on about how amazing everything tasted. Not only was the food delicious, but the service that her team provided was beyond what I could have imagined. They got to my venue early, set up all the table beautifully, and helped everything run smoothly throughout the day. Even when it rained during our wedding, and all the guests arrived early inside the hall, the staff allowed everything to occur on time and transition smooth. MY HUSBAND AND I RECOMMEND THE GOURMET KITCHEN CATERING TO ANY FUTURE BRIDE AND GROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Nikita Habermehl


4 “We are VERY happy customers of The Gourmet Kitchen Catering! Madhoo and her team did an amazing job of creating an international menu for our annual Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families,

Gala! Their display was perfect and reflected our international theme, their staff was professional and helpful, and the food was spectacular! Thank you for helping to make this our BEST.GALA.EVER!!”

–       Pam Sweetser, Founder and Executive Director at Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families

5 “Thanks Gourmet Kitchen for accommodating my husband and I when we were at a recent event that you catered. Being Gluten-Free we weren’t sure if we could eat anything at the event. You went above and beyond by preparing special items for both of us and walking us through all that was offered. It was fantastic and your kindness helped to make it a great night!”

–       Kristi Kremer


6 Humbled and proud at the same time by yet another feedback we received from Tony Rodrigues for Jessica Rodrigues’ wedding with over 130 guests:

Q: What Food Items did you enjoy most?
A: The Indian food item

Q: How would you rate our Food Quality, Service, Value?
A: Excellent!

Q: Any additional Comments or Suggestions?
A: This is the second wedding that Gourmet Kitchen has catered for us. It was a pleasure working with Madhoo on the planning and execution.

We were delighted with the food, food service and personnel and we hope to have another occasion to use your services.


7 “I work for DISH Network in Direct Sales and The Gourmet Kitchen came out today to cater our event. Let’s just say this, from start to finish it was a great experience! The coordination, setup, serving, and cleanup were efficient and successful. The food was tasty and everything was prepared just how I anticipated it being

presented. We are excited to invite The Gourmet Kitchen back on a monthly basis to cater our special events with a new themed menu each month. I

would highly recommend them for any event. A pleasurable experience from start to finish.”
–       Melanie Lauren MacDonald, Dish Network

A heart-felt thanks to all out clients and fans. You are the reason we exist!

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