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Reception Venue Tips

Unless you have your heart set on a particular reception venue, consider the following steps BEFORE looking for the place:  

1.  Set your date.

  • Plan early if you want a formal, large and/or popular locale, as these book up quickly.
  • Often the more unique or smaller event centers offer a more personalized approach for your reception, as well as availability.
  • June, holidays, and certain seasons are more popular, therefore, costs are higher too.

2.  Plan your budget.

  • Decide the specific range you can afford BEFORE looking for venues.   It is easy to get swayed outside your financial comfort zone, if a budget has not been determined prior to looking.
  • Consider all the elements of the reception when planning a budget, such as food, season, center pieces, music, alcohol, formal vs casual, etc.   The more specific you are the closer to coming into budget you will be.

3.  Now, decide what kind of reception you would like:

  • The skies the limit — usually the budget isn’t.   Wedding receptions are usually the largest expense in a wedding.  That’s why deciding the budget first is important.
  • Formal or casual
  • Large or small
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Reception line
  • The announcing of the bride/groom
  • Toasts
  • Center pieces
  • Decorations
  • Music, entertainment, dancing, etc.

4.  Decide on the food.

  • Sit down, stations, buffet, cocktail, picnic BBQ, family style, dessert only, luncheon, brunch, etc.
  • This is where we come in.  We’d love to answer all your questions and make your wedding reception of your dreams.

5.  Work out seating.

  •  Whether the reception is at the reception hall, event center, backyard, or beach, people need to sit down.  The more unique the venue the more seating is a huge consideration.
  • Consider the number of guests you want or intend to have.
  • Consider seating arraignments, depending on the type of reception you have where they sit is as important as what they sit on.

Having some kind of answers for these ideas will help before you start your search.

For some local favorites, The Gourmet Kitchen highly recommends:

1.  The Lionsgate Center

The Lionsgate Center

The Lionsgate Center

2.  The Butterfly Pavilion

3.  The Hudson Gardens and Event Center

Hudson Gardens & Event Center

4.  Temple Event Center

Check them out.  They all have amazing facilities to host the wedding reception of your dreams.


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