Testimonials 58

Name: Marianne & Tony Rodrigues
Company Name: NA
Address: Wheat Ridge, CO
Number of Guests: 200
Event Name: Wedding Reception
Email: rodrigues.1@email.com

What Food Items did you enjoy most?
Our menu was mixed with Indian and American cuisine. Everything was delicious starting with the appetizers! Discerning palates from other countries were also impressed with the quality of the food.

What Food Items did you not like?
Everything was tasty!

How would you rate our Food Quality, Service, Value?
Plenty of food–great for leftovers the next day. The servers were professional, friendly, efficient and unobtrusive. Presentation of the food was excellent, including color and display.

Do you have any additional Comments or Suggestions?
Our reception was located at an outdoor pavilion which made things more challenging for Mahdoo and her staff. Despite the added challenge, everything looked and tasted amazing. We highly recommend The Gourmet Kitchen–great food, excellent services

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