Testimonials 54

Name: Amber Storms Baird
Company Name:
Number of Guests: 150
Event Name: Storms Baird Wedding
Email: amberstorms@hotmail.com

What Food Items did you enjoy most?
We loved the salad with strawberries and the ribeye steak and chicken marsala. The mashed potatoes and asparagus were amazing, and the cake was beautiful and delicious. Everything was so wonderful! Dreamy!

What Food Items did you not like?

How would you rate our Food Quality, Service, Value?
Madhoo and her catering team did an amazing job. From the beginning, they blew the competition out of the water. She treated us like we were members of her family instead of just another customer. I told Madhoo about my style and she created a b

Do you have any additional Comments or Suggestions?
The Gourmet Kitchen had a wider variety of food, more creativity, and MUCH better flavor and overall deliciousness than the other top-rated caterers we met with…all at a better price! You must taste to believe!!!

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