Testimonials 53

Name: Arun Dave
Company Name:
Address: 835 Boulder Drive, Bethel Park, PA
Number of Guests: 100
Event Name: Pre Wedding Welcome Dinner
Email: boulder9@gmail.com

What Food Items did you enjoy most?
All food items were prepared very well. We were pleased with the display of food items and hall decorations.

What Food Items did you not like?

How would you rate our Food Quality, Service, Value?
Excellent. We had variety of Indian Snacks and meal. Food was prepared without Garlic and Onions and our guests loved all items.

Do you have any additional Comments or Suggestions?
“Ms. Madhu is an excellent coordinator, and even she offered to pick up liquors.

Greeting of our Guests at entrance hall was fantastic, and well received.
Cake was prepared with an artistic touch.

Dear Madhu, Thank you for great evening”

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