Testimonials 48

Name: Michael Richen
Company Name: Boulder County PH
Address: 3450 roadway Boulder, CO 80304
Number of Guests: 50
Event Name: Making Green Healthy and Healthy reen Symposium
Email: mrichen@Bouldercounty.org

What Food Items did you enjoy most?
Lunch grilled veggies and Chai Tea. They were fantastic.

What Food Items did you not like?
None that I can think of

How would you rate our Food Quality, Service, Value?
Madoo was right ion time setting up, asking if we needed anything and taling down. the only think I could think of was that the hot service cups became soggy after a few uses. Perhaps you could thinkl about offering a ceramic mug (paid for by

Do you have any additional Comments or Suggestions?
Keep up yhe good work, I will keep you in mind when planning confernences.

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