Testimonials 34

Name: Juanita Martin and Gregory Johnson
Company Name: Black Beat Productions
Address: P. O. Box 143, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Number of Guests: 175
Event Name: Retirement/Resignation Party
Email: blackbeatproduct@aol.com

What Food Items did you enjoy most?
Our guests enjoyed the complete Hawaiian menu and we heard very positive comments throughout the evening.

What Food Items did you not like?
There were no negative comments.

How would you rate our Food Quality, Service, Value?
The food is excellent and the service is outstanding, with staff going beyond our expectations. We certainly got our money’s worth and more.

Do you have any additional Comments or Suggestions?
Staff were ahead of time in setting up and were ready for the earliest guests. They cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, which saved our having to pay the venue for clean up. In addition, they packed all remaining food items for our transport home.

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