Relive the 40s at Your Party

Relive the 40s at your party

Everything that the decade 1940s stands for is nothing but a colossal mix of class. From the fashion to the cars, everything that this decade touched turned to a gold memento of vintage- chic. And if you’re planning your wedding with the 40s in mind, it should be no less. Here’s a little guide to walk you through your planning.

The thing with the 40s is, you can mold it into a very simple or an extravagant event, or even something that lies between these two. The decor could consist of classic silverware, delicate laces and an effortless use of white. To go with a more homely feel to this theme, you could use a lot of wooden pieces, vintage bottles and a perfect touch with a rusted typewriter, or any such antique. But if you thrive on extravagance, big chandeliers of glass, an abundance of candles with the most timeless candlesticks and big elaborate curtains and flower center pieces. The ambiance and the feel of this theme are bound to transport every guest to a fairytale, your fairytale.

The best part of planning such a wedding is without doubt the outfits. 1940s was when the ‘fashion revolution’ was popularized. The flapper girls, the jazz feel to everything, the hairdos and the head-gears. This decade sure knew how to have fun with their outfits. The bride can adorn a classic white flowy gown with lace, coupled with elbow-length gloves. And for her veil, she can also improvise with a netted hat. The groom can dress in a crisp black suit or even a military themed outfit (because of the war’s influence on this decade).

One can do a lot with the menu– farmhouse cakes, ginger flapjacks, scones, pies and of course, teas. You can not only use the classics as they are, but also add to their old charm a new contemporary twist. All the food can be served in pretty vintage crockery with floral prints or even just plain simplistic vintage.

The perfect companion for your 1940s theme wedding is a wine aged to perfection to match that classy taste!

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