Reception Food – Style Tips

Reception Food – Style Tips

Reception food-style tips:

1.  There are no “set” rules when it comes to deciding which style you want at your wedding reception.   Be creative!  The reception food-style, like every aspect of your wedding, should reflect the bride/groom’s personality, while making the most of their budget.

2.  The #1 question when you start to plan your reception is:  What type of food style do you want?

  • Stations
  • Sit Down/Plated
  • Family Style
  • Buffet
  • Or Something Else:  Brunch, Luncheon, Dessert-Only, Afternoon Tea,  Etc.


Wedding by Color’s Drink Station

Food stations are adventurous, fun, offer great variety and interactive crowd mingling.

This eating fantasy comprises of various buffet tables scattered around the reception area.  Each table features a different specialty of food.    Table themes  can range anywhere from unusual worldly delights to culinary creations to dietary requirements to favorite foods to even color specific or splash of color.  The variety offers crowd pleasing satisfaction, regardless the palate.  The possibilities are endless.


Traditionalists often choose plated dinner receptions.

1-3 entree selections are chosen with all the meal’s accoutrements.  All guests eat at the same time, making for a more elegant option.   They also often finish at the same time, making more time for dance, mingling and party time.

An elegant choice for any wedding.


Wedding By Color’s Family-Style Reception

Often a casual, personal and laid back choice for both bride/groom and their guests.

Tables often seat larger numbers of guests.  Food is served on platters and serving dishes that are passed and placed on each table, being refilled as needed.   Food lines are avoided with this style, as well as more convenient for children, elderly and disabled individuals.

Family style; family feel.

Rodriguez’ Buffet Wedding Reception


Common crowd pleaser, as they naturally lend themselves to offering a little something for everyone.

Long tables are beautifully lined with a variety of dishes that allow guests to pick and choose the meal they most desire.

Buffets offer a comfortable feel, as most people have attended one or more in the past.


Here’s where the bride/groom can also get creative.

Depending on the time, place, atmosphere, style, and personality of the wedding, anything is possible.   A few ideas include:


Jaclyn Simpson Blog’s Brunch Reception

Perfect for morning weddings and breakfast food lovers.


Perfect for smaller budgets and guest lists, sweet tooths, and those scaling down on reception extravagances.   Dessert and champagne make a great combination.

The Natural Wedding Company’s Afternoon Tea Reception


Perfect for small, quaint or even formal weddings, with a touch of elegance and class.

Again, the possibilities are endless.

This is where The Gourmet Kitchen thrives in helping a couple shape their reception food-style into something unforgettable, personally magical, and affordable to their budget.  

Call us we would love to help make your reception exactly what you want.  

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