Partying the Growed-Down Way!

Partying the growed-down way!

Organizing a party for the kids can be quite the task. Keeping these little ones entertained is definitely not as easy as the grown-ups.  They need something that’s fun, creative and full of colors. Here is a list of fun things to include at your kids party:

  • Edible Jewellery: Put up a table that has candies, cereals, liquorice, twizzlers and other such colorful foods that could constitute to designing one’s own jewellery.
  • Fun ice cubes:Not only can you buy ice trays that have the widest array of shapes to freeze your ice in, but you could also freeze a single skittle in the ice. Something that would excite all the kids.
  • A ‘create-your-own bar: your dessert bars could have a range on sprinkles, marshmallows and even melted chocolate that kids could decorate on their desserts, like ice creams for example.
  • Decorating the table: Don’t hold back when it comes to decorating the table. If you have a theme then this task gets slightly easier. But if you don’t have a theme, substitute the basics for example, using tulle instead of string for balloons.
  • Reinventing the basics, all the way: Reinvent the basics in every possible way. For example, Lego can be used as a mold for jellies giving us Lego jelly, Use ice cream cones as the mold for cupcakes giving us cupcake cones, and making pancakes on a stick giving us pancake pops.
  • Games: No child’s party is complete without games. Organize outdoor games that are actually quite simply done. For example- an obstacle race with baby pools, slides, ropes etc. Or scavenger hunts funny things on the list like so (refer to the image).

The key to organizing an amazing party for your kids lies in thinking with the brain of your inner child. Because this is one place your creativity will pay off and admit it, you would enjoy it as much as the little ones.

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