Novelty: ‘Mashtini’ or Mashed Potato Bar At Your Party

Novelty: ‘Mashtini’ or Mashed Potato Bar At Your Party

Mashed potato bar or mashtini… yup you read that right!

New into wedding cultures is this intelligent masterpiece. A mashed potato bar is a super fun idea for a dinner gathering, a wedding, from a backyard party to a fancy one, from a graduate party to grand function. This goes with your entire theme and cuisine, because of being highly customizable.  Your guests will love this one! Texas style – mashed potatoes, served in a Martini glass. Everyone will have great fun filling their martini glasses with our Garlic and Cream mashed potatoes.

We did a mashtini bar recently at a wedding and it was a great success! We did this with huge variety of toppings:

  1.  Gourmet Sausages Sliced
  2. Scallions
  3. Roasted red peppers
  4. Grilled onions
  5. Cilantro
  6. Worcestershire sauce
  7. White pepper
  8. Fried chicken pieces
  9. Truffle oil
  10. Shrimp
  11. Cayenne pepper
  12. Parmesan
  13. Chili flakes
  14. Sour Cream
  15. Butter
  16. Sweet Peas
  17. Sundried Tomato
  18. Grilled Asparagus
  19. Sundried Tomatoes
  20. Crab
  21. Green Chili
  22.  Salsa
  23. Garlic Croutons
  24. Tortilla Chips
  25. Chopped bacon
  26. Chopped ham

Your guests will love walking around with the Martini glasses filled with their own mashed potato creations. It’s classy, great fun and totally different! You can also have themed mashtinis. If you love Mexican food, have a Mexican mashed potato bar. If Mediterranean is more your thing, have plenty of feta, olives and tomatoes on hand for a Mediterranean mashed potato bar. Sophisticated simplicity is what I’ll call this kind of a mashed potato bar.

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