Need Memorial Day Ideas?

Need Memorial Day Ideas?

Hosting a BBQ or Memorial Day Celebration?

Here are some simple, inexpensive, and festive ideas to enhance your party:

Paper Cones –              

Serve just about any kind of snack in these paper cones, from candy to nuts to chips to fries.  Simply roll festively-printed paper into a cone shape, staple or tape, and fill.  Your guest will be delighted with the ease and the fun of these handheld containers.

Centerpiece ideas –

Fresh spring flowers always make a great centerpiece addition.  Either add a flower or flowers that match your party theme …

Image by

Image by

Or simply spruce up the table, the backyard, or your patio with bright spring delights and/or fun…

Image by Porter House Designs

Image by

Now, Food –

Easy Fruit Kabobs

Always a favorite!  Use any festive colored fruit such as watermelon, honeydew, raspberries, blueberries and skewer them for a bite size delight!

Idea by Flip Flop Queeny Blogspot

Flip Flop Cookies presents these cookies that are not only adorable there is NO baking involved:


1 Box Graham Cracker Crumbs

2 packages oblong cookies, such as Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies

1 Tub vanilla frosting

Neon food coloring

Licorice Sticks (in a variety of colors)



1. Scatter graham cracker crums on a large platter (for sand)

2.  Divide vanilla frosting into bowls.  Use food coloring to create bright colors.

3. Ice the cookies.  Cut licorie sticks into half lenghtwise, then into 1-inch strips.

4. Arrange the licorice on the cookies into a “V” shape to resemble the straps of flip-flops.    Where the licorice sticks meet, top with a gumdrop, using a dab of frosting to get them to stick.

No matter what you serve, dress up your table, spruce up your evening and add a little color to your event with simple, creative and fun ideas.   These types of details make for an even more memorable holiday with your guests. 

Have an enjoyable holiday weekend from your friends at The Gourmet Kitchen.

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