Announcing Love & Love Announcements

Announcing Love & Love Announcements

Love is in the air.  

The wedding season is upon us.  We’ve already been hard at work catering some pretty fabulous weddings, and many June brides-to-be still await.   Whether your wedding is in a few short weeks or months or even a year away, most brides start planning as soon as possible.   We want to help.

That’s why our blog, through the entire month of June, will focus on several aspects of weddings.  From, of course, catering to event centers to personalizing center pieces, our blog will hopefully spark some creative ideas for you special day.

Check us out.

Wedding Tradition Trivia:  

Do you know why the wedding ring is worn on the “ring” finger?

Answer:  People once believed that a vein ran directly from that finger to the heart.  The vein was dubbed in Latin as “vena amoris,” translated to vein of love.

Now that you know the answer, check out our Facebook page where the first person to answer this trivia question correctly will win a box of 6 mini breakfast muffins for your enjoyment. Hurry, we’ve already given you the answer!

The love of chocolate:  

Raspreet was the winner of our last trivia question.  She won chocolate brownies.

Congratulations and enjoy!

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